Welcome to Ramboda Falls Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

Come to Ramboda Falls Hotel in Nuwara Eliya to enjoy a true getaway from everyday life. This Nuwara Eliya hotel provides an escape that is set in lush verdant surroundings with waterfalls in the foreground and in the background misty mountains carpeted by dense tea bushes just waiting to be explored.

The town's cool climate brings relief from heat and humidity rejuvenates the body while the beautiful surroundings relax the mind. So sit back and sip a cup of Ceylon Tea as you enjoy Sri Lanka's hill country from the comfort of the Ramboda Falls Hotel.

About Us
Ramboda Falls Hotel so named due to its proximity the breathtaking Ramboda Falls waterfall in Nuwara Eliya. Our guests can enjoy beautiful views of nature's own wonderful creations.

The rooms at the Ramboda Falls Hotel Nuwara Eliya are well equipped, clean and very spacious. There are 24 in all to choose from with each one providing spectacular views.

Guests can enjoy a choice of two restaurants for freshly prepared mouthwatering food that is guaranteed to satisfy any palette.
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